Lessons & Carols à l’échelle nationale / National Lessons & Carols: From Coast to Coast to Coast

Vendredi 17 décembre à 20 h 00, en ligne, Lessons & Carols à l’échelle nationale. Pour y assister, inscrivez-vous à : https://www.anglican.ca/lessonsandcarols/

Friday, December 17 (online): National Lessons & Carols: From Coast to Coast to Coast. To have the link, please, register : https://www.anglican.ca/lessonsandcarols/

Special Request

Hello. My name is Pierre Maltais and I’m looking for a penpal. I took my retreat two years ago, and I’m doing some volunteering here in the City of Quebec. I’m 71 years old, and I start taking English courses two weeks ago at École Saint-Olivier. My evaluation in English is intermediate. I have to learn more with the grammar and vocabulary. I would like to exchange with somebody whose English is the first language. We could do that one or two times a week. The message exchange could be about the work or profession we did before, about our living in the City of Quebec, our interests, hobbies or everything we’d like to talk. I have to practise English this way because I got a hearing loss and talking with two or more people at the same time makes me uncomfortable. Maybe there is somebody who would like to learn French and we could exchange our messages once in English and the other one in French but it’s not the only way to do this exchange. It could be exclusively in English too. For more information, please write to me at: pmaltais@ymail.com.

Paniers de Noël / Christmas Hamper

La Campagne annuelle des paniers de Noël a une importance particulière en cette année difficile. L’organisme ne peut malheureusement pas recevoir des denrées non-périssables, mais espère recueillir 50 000$ pour acheter de la nourriture pour des familles dans le besoin à Québec. Pour savoir comment donner, consulter qchampers.ca, ou leur formulaire de don à CanaDon (http://www.canadahelps.org/fr/dn/8671

The annual Christmas Hamper Campaign is of special importance during this difficult year. Unfortunately, they cannot accept food donations this year, but they are hoping to fundraise $50,000 to buy food for families in need in Quebec City. To learn how to donate, visit qchampers.ca or go to their online donation form at CanadaHelps (http://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/8671) /

Fermeture temporaire – Temporary Closing

Comme vous le savez probablement, en raison de l’augmentation des cas de COVID-19 dans la région de Québec, la ville de Québec a été reclassifiée zone rouge par votre gouvernement provincial. Cette reclassification signifie une série de nouvelles mesures en place pour promouvoir la santé publique.

Pour cette raison, la Corporation de St-Michael as pris la décision de suspendre notre service du dimanche en personne jusqu’à nouvel ordre.

As you may know, due to the recent rise of COVID19 in the Quebec City region, the City of Quebec has been reclassified as a red zone by our provincial government. This reclassification will mean a series of new measures are in place in order to promote our public health.

For this reason, the Corporation of St. Michael’s has made the decision to suspend our in-person worship services until further notice.